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Bijlmer Park Theater

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Descripción Bijlmer Park Theater:

In 2004, Paul de Ruiter was invited to compete in the selection of the architect who would design a cultural building in the southeast district of the city of Amsterdam. This cultural building was to be a multifunctional building for four users; a circus (Circus Elleboog), a theatre (Krater Theater), the Youth Theatre School and the Theatre Workplace, all professional organisations in the field of talent development, cultural education, production and programming.

On the basis of a presentation of his vision, including his proposal to work with a dynamic programme of requirements, Paul de Ruiter’s architectural bureau was selected by the city of Amsterdam, southeast district, to design the cultural building.

Dynamic program of requirements
How can you ensure that a design process proceeds efficiently, decisively and harmoniously when time is limited, but at the same time you must take into account the divergent requirements and interests of four different users? Paul de Ruiter developed a dynamic programme of requirements - a flexible design process with a plan that was not already drawn up in detail.

To identify the specific wishes of all the users and integrate them into the design and to give the users a good idea of the architectural possibilities, several workshops were held during the design stage. During these workshops, plans were made with the users and the customer, and these were later reviewed at regular intervals. This finally yielded a design that satisfied the requirements of all the parties involved.

The design process started with a study of the programme for the cultural building. Paul de Ruiter’s architectural bureau built various scale models that gave an indication of the different options for form and layout. With these models on the table, it was possible to hold brainstorming sessions during the workshops on what the building should look like and what functions it needed to fulfill. In view of the location of the cultural building in a park, a recognizable, pavilion-like building was chosen with a layout that could be adapted to the various requirements of the users.

Meeting place
The site of the cultural building is specified in the urban development plan. The building is located in the heart of the Bijlmer neighbourhood at the edge of the Bijlmer park, beside the lake. It is public and accessible, and its position beside the water gives extra dynamism to this image due to the reflections in the water. To make it possible for performances to be held on the water as well, for example on large floating platforms, steps that can be used for seating have been placed at the water’s edge. When no performances are scheduled, the steps function as a meeting place, where cultures, generations and artistic disciplines meet each other.

Photographs: Pieter Kers


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Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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