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ecohostel andromeda

aportado por 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 19 Mayo 2009


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ecohostel andromeda is an ecological hostel on a barge in Ghent. Price-conscious sleeping, but with all the qualities of a hotel!

'Eco' refers to the underlying ideas of the hostel, both ecological and economical. Because the construction is a low-energy concept, because the interior and energy supply is approached in an ecological way and the breakfast is organic. Economic because we try to offer a low-budget accommodation, without compromising comfort . We offer both double rooms as places in a dormitory, but each in an original furnished room. There is something for everyone.

The actual hostel is built in the hold and made of caissons in FSC-labeled wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which means the producer says no to (illegal) deforestation of forests, but also to the use of fertilizers and pesticides in forestry. Along the exterior, the caissons were lined with celit (vapor permeable wood plates, insulating and sound dampening), and along the inside with airtight taped OSB-plates or a vapor barrier.  In between there is a thick package of insulation (14-21 cm).

A low-energy building is not only to the lowest possible energy consumption, but also takes into account the energy required for the manufacture of building materials. The manufacture of brick or steel for example requires more energy than wood beams, which are also renewable materials. Wood also has an insulating property.

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Ghent, netherlands

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What about toilets and showers? Any idea on how they work? Where are the waters thrown to?
comentado por anónimo, 19 Mayo 2009

comentado por 2 Jordi Ber, 19 Mayo 2009

A reedbed on our roof purifies  our wastewater. The first treatment consists of reed plants, whose function is twofold: the reeds take nitrates as nutrients and bacteria around the root ensure the degradation of dirty substances. The main treatment consists of twenty different plants and produces a biological filter where micro-organisms digest the remaining waste and viral life dead. The final treatment removes phosphates, nitrates and the last remnants of bacteria. The purified water is used to flush the toilets.

I 'll make some drawing to show the system and put it here....

thanx for your interest !!

Liselot Claeys & Maarten Verbrugghe  ( owners & architect of the barge)
comentado por 344 ecohostel, 23 Mayo 2009

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