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Jugaad pavilion

aportado por 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 2 Junio 2009


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Descripción Jugaad pavilion :

The pavilion is suspended in the air with pullies "like the ones you use to pull up buckets of water from the well", says Shankar, and it brings some welcome shade for the inhabitants of the Rajokri district of the Indian capital.

"The original idea came from my travels in India to document the lives of the people," says Shankar. "I found myself naturally drawn to the oil can, and I actually started stalking it and followed it to all kinds of places in the city."

'Jugaad' is an Indian term that refers to attaining any objective with the available resources at hand. It gives new life to objects discarded as valueless and reminds us that the familiar is not necessarily known.

The journey in New Delhi began with three questions:

_ What happens when constraints act as triggers for innovation?
_ What happens when people change their mind and work together?
_ What happens when a thousand oil cans decide to fly?

By redefining the ubiquitous oil can, Jugaad takes recycling and reuse beyond a simply utilitarian measure into an exciting world of architecture and design possibilities. In the case of the discarded oil can, the death of one purpose liberates another. Through community participation and deep human level engagement, Jugaad explores prevalent perceptions of waste and beauty. It has set a precedent for a truly participatory and inclusive design approach by involving the inhabitants of Rajokri, an urban village at the edge of New Delhi.

The project which culminated in a suspended shade pavilion made out of 945 discarded oil cans was first exhibited at 48◦C public art festival held in New Delhi from 12th to 21st December 2008. It was supported by the Goethe Institute, New Delhi and the German Technical Cooperation(GTZ), New Delhi.

More info:
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Jugaad project report

images Sundeep Bali, Adam Roney, Sanjeev Shankar

Artist Sanjeev Shankar


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